ESN Country: 
Marinette Vidal
Date of the event: 
Wednesday, 9 March, 2016
Goal of the event: 
Raise awareness about discrimination and racism
Short description of the event: 
Weeks of Education Against Racism and All Forms of Discrimination occur every year, during March in Nantes. They are coordinated by the League of the Education 44, in partnership with a group of associations (like the MRAP , LDH, LICRA , Tamadi Cimade) which participate and offer activities (exhibitions , film debate , educational workshops , access to rights hotlines , conferences ...) .
These events take place around March 21st, International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination.

ESN Nantes - Autour du Monde decided to join the collective and organized under this event, an international evening of fight against racism and all forms of discrimination, Stand up for equality .

Different activities were created by the esners :
-Discussion about discrimination : reading of articles of newspaper on real cases and every student can express his opinion, concerns, solutions.
-Theater : improvisation of a situation describing a discrimination, a prejudice and discussion with the group.
-Interviews : 2 girls have put a board of expression in the street so everyone could write what he wanted. Then they asked passersby.
-Infoboard : on this board, international students could find all necessary information on the organizations fighting against different types of discrimination in Nantes.
-Fishing prejudice : principle of fishing game where people fished a piece of paper with a situation of discrimination, after that they had to stick it, on a board.
-Wheels of discrimination : 2 teams of 4 people compete to answer 6 different themes concerning discrimination (employement, education, mystery, public services, housing and good services) during 20 minutes.
-Cliché photobooth : international students could pose with a board where they could write a sentence. Thus, they can denounce a discrimination.
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Ligue de l'enseignement
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Few International students came but those who came, were interested in the subject and participated in all workshops.
It may be better next year , to communicate more and inform about this event during the previous events. The evening can also be thought differently : in partnership with another association or with the involvement of international students in the workshops.
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