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ESN Canakkale
Date of the event: 
Sunday, 5 May, 2019
Goal of the event: 
It aims to decrease environmental pollution and raise an awareness in order to create a cleaner world for the future.
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As we live in a country covered by three seas, beaches and seasides matter for us. Mother Nature shares all of her sources and beauties with us, therefore, our duty is to take care of all of them. Per day, 144 tons of waste plastics mix in our seas in Turkey which is a very crucial and dangerous number. For this reason, as a start, we went to clean one of our beaches in Çanakkale. As Esn Canakkale, we met with our local students and exchange students at Yeni Kordon near Barış Plajı which is one of blue flag awarded beaches in Canakkale in order to draw attention to environmental pollution. The students collected the trash and helped mother nature by removing them from the beach.
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