ESN Country: 
Sarah-Jane Reilly
Date of the event: 
Monday, 26 October, 2015
Goal of the event: 
To raise awareness into the issue of homelessness and to fundraise for our local homeless charity.
Short description of the event: 
We raised £726 for Aberdeen Cyrenians by spending the night sleeping rough in the car park of Union Square Shopping Centre in Aberdeen city centre. We joined together as a team and spent the night sleeping rough in order to experience some of the unpleasant realities and discomforts faced by homeless people on a daily basis. The awareness we created and the money we raised all benefited our local homeless charity and gave us an glimpse of a day in the life of a homeless person.
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It is quite difficult to promote an event like this as something that is a fun thing to do. To overcome this we promoted the event as a 'once in a lifetime opportunity to give something back while on your Erasmus exchange' and 'a great way to meet likeminded people who share your desire to give something back to the local community.'
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