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Annalisa Colucci
Date of the event: 
Tuesday, 15 May, 2018
Goal of the event: 
The aim of the event was to raise awareness about omophobia and collect donation for the LGBTI association in Padua.
Short description of the event: 
"Entre os homen de Bem" is the third movie of the project Edutainment against Social Negligence. This project represents the collection of international documentaries about different social topics, we planned to show to our erasmus and to the students of the University of Padua in general. The aim of the project is to talk and raise awareness about the social topics discussed by the documentaries, to realize they are phenomenons true all around the world. In every appointment we invite an association involved into the social topic and specifically active in Padova. Doing so we want to show to the participants the same social phenomen under a local and closer point of view.

With the documentary Entre os homens de Bem we wanted to open a reflection about the LGBTI community, the fight to state its rights and the descrimination still present. The documentary gave us the oportunity to start from some of the problems that involved the Brazilian community in the last years, to then reconnect the topic to the italian reality.

After a brief introduction and explanation about our project and about SocialErasmus, we projected the movie. Finally the members of the association we invited introduced the association, its work and they open a discussion about the topic. Going out the participant could help the association being part of a small but effective chenge in the reality of Padua with a free donation.
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Antéros Padova
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