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Friday, 6 November, 2015
Goal of the event: 
To present local pupils with the traditions of foreign countries and to show our Erasmus students Lithuanian customs. To exchange the knowledge of traditions.
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Songs, dances, games, communication, laughter. These words perfectly describe our today’s social event - an educative program in Gasčiūnai prepared with the help of the teachers and the pupils from 7b and 7c of Joniškis “Saulės” school. All afternoon was dedicated to the presentations of different countries’ traditions, thus, our ERASMUS students had a wonderful opportunity to see the chapel with an old bell, a famous monument and an ethnographic museum where they were shown old agricultural implements and also beautiful handicrafts. In return, the guests told everyone about their native customs, showed impressive videos, girls from Greece taught a Syrtaki dance, a South Korean guy presented a game with chopsticks and Japanese girls even gave us a lesson of Origami art. ESN ŠU mentors and all students are sincerely thankful for a very warm welcome and hospitality. This meeting will definitely remain in all our minds for a long time!
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The event really was great. International students thanked and said they felt special. They were very impressed by the kindness of local people, their hospitality and a very warm welcome. All the participants sang a "Happy Birthday" song for an Erasmus student and this made all the meeting even more wonderful. The pupils were so glad to be able to communicate with foreigners and to take photos with them, they found new friends. Everyone was happy of this event.
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