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Ella Puumalainen
Date of the event: 
Tuesday, 26 March, 2019
Goal of the event: 
To make our members aware and excited about local volunteering opportunities with refugees
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This SocialErasmus project was divided into two events. First we had an information session at the university about the current situation of refugees in Finland and the local volunteering opportunities. Two weeks later we went to a local refugee reception center to make a social event together with refugees and also to do some volunteering at the center. We made paintings to the walls to make the center a bit more colorful. We also did face painting for the kids and played games with them.
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The Finnish Refugee Council
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At times it was hard to manage people and give instructions because there were a lot of active and excited children around. However, the asylum seekers as well as our volunteers seemed to enjoy the event and our volunteers were wishing to have similar events also in the future.

Feedback from the organization we cooperated with: "It was super nice to see so many smiling faces and kids laughing there as the asylum seekers so often tell how depressing it is to be staying there. Bringing some color (also literally) into their lives is super important."
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