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ESN Frankfurt am Main
Sven Graßmann
Date of the event: 
Wednesday, 1 May, 2019
Goal of the event: 
Live sustainable and raise awareness about the rubbish we produce every day
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This year we wanted to realize our traditional German May hike under the #trashtag and we wanted to do it as sustainable and eco friendly as possible. This means that we not only tried go without throwing to the ground packings, beer crown caps or cigarettes (what we actually never should do...), but we asked the students to leave everything at home that produces rubbish (an orientation list is below) and bring e.g. beer bottles with fixed reusable top, metallic cycling bottles, reusable boxes for your packing-less food etc.

Furthermore, we brought a Bollerwagen (traditional German May Hike carry-on vehicle) with us and collected on two spots on the countryside ugly rubbish. Therefore we invited the students to bring a pair of old gloves to free our environment from a bit of this pollution.

We also provided a list with things NOT to bring for the students in order to inspire them and giverschiedenen them an idea about the objective of the event. It contained things like:
-Everything that might cause waste. E.g.:
-plastic cups and dishes
-beer bottles with crown cap
-one way / plastic bottles
-Chewing gum
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Almost everybody brought one or two things that were to be thrown away (e.g. cans or snacks with plastic packing). Many people gave us the feedback that it is harder than one might think to produce zero waste.

The hike was cool, the weather perfect and around 10 people broght indeed gloves to help the ESN Team collecting trash.
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