ESN Country: 
Karolina Niwelt
Date of the event: 
Friday, 23 October, 2015
Goal of the event: 
Establishing a periodical and permanent relationship with the local food bank and donating food periodically
Short description of the event: 
Our dance workshops are periodical events where our erasmus bring food to participate in a dance lesson. Also, one week before the event we talk to the food bank and decide on the kind of food we are collecting. The erasmus are aware that they are helping the locals, which is a bigger motivation for them.
Did you cooperate with another organisation?: 
Write down the names of the partners you collaborated with.: 
bancalia (Banco de Alimentos de Asturias)
Duration of the volunteer activity: 
Number of international students: 
Number of "locals" involved: 
Number of ESNers involved: 
I am filling one report because we repeated the same activity with the same topic twice (2h x 20 erasmus, two different days), because of the high participation interest. We will continue with our dance workshops, since it was very successful and our relationship with the food bank is good.
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