ESN Country: 
Dariusz Falczyński
Date of the event: 
Friday, 23 October, 2015
Goal of the event: 
Show that children from dysfunctional families are intelligent , have dreams and they need love !
Short description of the event: 
Do you want to go back in time and feel once again like a child?

You'll have a perfect opportunity on the 23th of October, when together with you, Erasmus students, we will go to the Daily Support Outpost of Polish Red Cross "Wesoła Chatka" to meet with children from poor families.

You'll get the chance to have fun with them, play games together either on Xbox or the computer.

Show your kind heart and be there for them. Let's talk about everything that comes to your mind. Maybe about their dreams? Or travels and cultures. Share your experience with them and simply just spend a nice time with lovely kids.
Everyone needs a tender loving care so let's show others that exchange students are full of love and space in their hearts!

Stay together! Stay social!
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West Pomeranian Branch of Polish Red Cross
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Everything came out very well. Children with volunteers played , ate healthy snacks . I could not see any problems with communication. Children very polubiły meeting with students and already know their names .
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