ESN Country: 
Kelly Claeys
Date of the event: 
Monday, 26 October, 2015
Goal of the event: 
Fundraising for Serve the City Brussels
Short description of the event: 
We let our international students prepare typical dishes from their home country to sell at the Brussels Abroad Festival on the VUB campus. ESN VUB EhB was in charge of the foodfair of this campus. Together with ESNers and international students, the dishes were sold for €1 per snack, from which the benefit goes to Serve the City Brussels.
Did you cooperate with another organisation?: 
Write down the names of the partners you collaborated with.: 
International Relations and Mobility Office (IRMO) of the VUB, MixOmnia and ECAB
Duration of the volunteer activity: 
Number of international students: 
Number of "locals" involved: 
Number of ESNers involved: 
The promotion of the festival as a whole was not sufficient, therefore not so many VUB students were informed and we had less visitors than expected on our food fair.
We had one stand that spend quite a lot of money on ingredients to prepare food, which we didn't earn back. Next time we should set a maximum for the expenses our international students can make to prepare the food.
Overall, it was great to see international students motivated to present the food of their country and to also help out on the food fair.
The other two organizations that provided food (Mixomnia and ECAB), later on did not engage in donating the profit to Serve the City Brussels, because of personal-organizational reasons.
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