ESN Country: 
Timea Szakacs
Date of the event: 
Saturday, 24 October, 2015
Goal of the event: 
play, teach, have fun and celebrate 70 years of UN with some children.
Short description of the event: 
This was the first SocialErasmus event of ESN Craiova for academic year 2015-2016. Erasmus students together with the ESN Craiova members and UN Youth-Craiova Branch members meet children from orphanage and teach them someting about their countries.

Moreover, they celebrated 70 years of UN, and the children found out many things about UN and his purpose.

The event started with a get-to-know each other game, continued with the presentations about the countries of each Erasmus and the presentation about UN. There were interactive presentations where the children asked and received aswers regarding the presentations and not only. ESN members mediate the comunication between the erasmus students and the children.
Did you cooperate with another organisation?: 
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UN Youth-Craiova
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