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Dariusz Falczyński
Date of the event: 
Friday, 30 October, 2015
Goal of the event: 
Show that poor children from dysfunctional families have a wonderful personality , dreams , abilities :)
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Hello Erasmus people!

Brace yourselves because Halloween is coming!
Love trick-or-treating? Or maybe you just like the idea of dressing up to some scary costumes? Hmm .. :)

Whatever the reason, join us in our second meeting to Daily Support Outpost of Polish Red Cross "Wesoła Chatka". Different countries, different traditions, so let's talk about Halloween culture in your country. How does it differ from others?
It will be perfect to learn something new and for children that they can spend some more time with lovely Erasmus people while making Haloween decorations :)

Let us see your loving and creative heart - show up to the meeting point [plac Grunwaldzki] at 15.10.
Be there or be square! :D
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West Pomeranian Branch of Polish Red Cross
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Everything came out very well. Children with volunteers played , performed works of art and Halloween decorations. I could not see any problems with communication , despite the lack of knowledge of the English language by children.
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