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Autour du Monde - ESN Nantes
Valentine Gayet
Date of the event: 
Tuesday, 25 December, 2018
Goal of the event: 
Gathering international students who don't get back home for holidays, with a French family, during the festivities (Christmas and New Year)
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You want to participate in the End of Year celebrations but you won't get back to your country with your family for the holidays? You're afraid of being alone for Christmas ? Don't worry ! ESN Nantes and SocialErasmus allows you to spend Christmas and/or the New Year in a French family, glad to welcome you !
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The activity was a success. I already have some feedbacks from international students and families who shared a wonderful time together during Christmas holidays. The event should be prepared at least a month before the beginning of the event to be sure there is no surprise (for my part I had 7 students who withdrew, just 3 days before Christmas for some of them. Hence, some families didn't have any student with them.
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