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Ruth Bowerman
Date of the event: 
Friday, 6 November, 2015
Goal of the event: 
Raise money and awareness for Nenäpäivä
Short description of the event: 
International dinner is a bring and share meal where each participant brings a meal to share from their own country. Link to Nenäpäivä is fancy dress, and raffle with prizes donated from local companies to raise money for Nenäpäivä charities.
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We encorporated Nenapaiva activities into an event that was already planned for that evening. A little more advance warning would have been appreciated for campaigns aimed at being nation wide, as we didn't feel like there was enough time to prepare the event as well as we would hope.
The only real issues that we had on the night were technology related, and because of this we couldn't play the nenapaiva videos or the TV programme that was being broadcast at the same time as our event. I think this would have linked what we were doing to the nenapaiva cause more effectively.
The OC and students were very pleased with the event, and all had a very enjoyable evening. We were also impressed with the number of local businesses that supported our event by donating raffle prizes for the evening. We had one of our Finnish members write a letter (in Finnish) explaining what we were doing for the local businesses, so that we could approach them without fear of the language barrier getting in the way. This proved very helpful.
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