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Konstantina Chouta
Date of the event: 
Saturday, 7 November, 2015
Goal of the event: 
We wanted to raise awareness among Erasmus students about the number of homeless people in Athens, which has been increased during the last years due to the economic crisis and to collect some money for the NGO Diogenes which supports those people.
Short description of the event: 
Invisible tours is a social project run by the Greek street paper “Shedia”. It is a social tours program based in the capital of Greece, Athens, in which homeless people become tour guides in a very different kind of a city walk.
First, we visited the offices of Shedia Magazine and we have been informed about the various ways they support homeless people. We discussed the reasons why someone can end up without a proper home and we met our guide. Then we started the tour which latsed for 3 hours.
The tour guide introduced us to many important social and solidarity institutions of Athens (soup kitchens, day centers, drug rehabilitation centers, homeless shelters etc). Our guide provided information on the types of services offered by each institution as well as how he have experienced homelessness. He shared with us some personal stories and his personal experience from life in the streets. We had the chance to ask him many questions and we ended up having a very interesting discussion. It was a lesson about life!
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Shedia Street Magazine, NGO Diogenes
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Everyone was very excited about the event and very touched from what we saw and what we heard. The Erasmus students thanked our guide many times and congratulated him for his honest manner and his willingness to answer all of your questions!
Yannis, our guide, told us how much he enjoyed this tour and the interaction with the Erasmus students, as they were all so active and so much into the activity!
We also arranged to meet him again to play football with the homeless people football team that he coaches!
Our Erasmus students wrote:
"I liked that our guide connected personal stories with the places we visited! "
"It was perfect, a very interesting tour in an area that we are not used to visit. The guide was perfect too. I will recommend the Invisible Routes if there is this event again. Thank you so much for making my day unforgettable. "
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