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Jae Jensen
Date of the event: 
Friday, 6 November, 2015
Goal of the event: 
Raise money to donate to the national ESN Finland Red Nose Day charity team. National goal was 2000€
Short description of the event: 
Try some delicious treats and raise money for youth in developing countries! You can buy handmade snacks or coffee from the ESN Jyväskylä bake sale. 100% of sales benefit the Nenäpäivä foundation.

(Red Nose Day) is an international campaign to fight poverty through humor and culture.
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Nenäpäivä Finland
Duration of the volunteer activity: 
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Baking volunteers must be recruited and list what they will make (keep in mind food allergies). A venue suitable for serving food (i.e. with kitchen, microwave) must be reserved. The event should be promoted on Facebook and via posters leading up to the sale. Advertising materials can be found at nenäpäivä.fi. Non-food materials like plates, cups, forks and napkins should be bought, as well as any 'nose' costumes volunteers want to wear. Also make sure a photographer will be present to capture photos.

The venue should be decorated, coffee should be brewed and the food laid out in an appealing way. Prices should be decided and displayed for all the goods, as well as ingredients and allergy info. Volunteers should serve the food/coffee to customers. Photographer takes pictures for the Facebook page. Some volunteers can even walk around outside/ on uni campus with a tray of food to sell to people passing by and invite them inside to the sale.

If any food is left over, donate it to a local community center, church or homeless shelter. Count the profits of the sale and share them with the volunteers/customers via the Facebook event page. Also share photos. Have your section treasurer donate the money to the Red Nose Day (Nenäpäivä) charity account.

Venue suitable for selling food (i.e. with a kitchen), serving utensils, coffee maker, decorations, poster advertisements. Because this is a short-term charity event, you should not need food safety licenses, though they can be helpful. Containers for transporting and storing food are also helpful.

Ask volunteers to keep food allergies in mind when baking and write an ingredients list.
To maximise exposure of event, have volunteers wearing 'red nose' costumes walk around outside with flyers and a tray of food to attract people passing by.

You can also make a cardboard photo frame and decorate it with the charity logos to make a 'photo booth' for people to take pictures in support of the event and cause.
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