ESN Country: 
Local SocialErasmus Coordinator from ESN Groningen: Marleen Pol
Date of the event: 
Saturday, 14 November, 2015
Goal of the event: 
Give the homeless people a special day with good clothes for free, cookies, tea and interaction with international students. In this way the internationals have the opportunity to do something good, give something back to the Dutch society
Short description of the event: 
There is a small group of people in Groningen that initiated to set up a Street Store. To get an idea of what a Street store looks like, visit their webpage;
ESNers (SocialErasmus Committee members) together with International students will volunteer at this Street Store. Clothes from international students as well as the local community will be collected. On Saturday the 14th of November there will be Street Store set up (outside) where the homeless people can get some clothes for free. The volunteers, international students will provide tea, coffee, cookies and interact with the homeless people. They will play for example some music and bake cakes for that day. In this way the international students become aware of the poverty that still exists in the society, also in the Netherlands.
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