ESN Country: 
Samuel López Carril
Date of the event: 
Friday, 16 October, 2015
Goal of the event: 
To promote the mobility and fight against the stereotypes
Short description of the event: 
The activity was divided in two parts:

A) We started moving after the coffee break of the Valencia’s SWEP to the IES Ferrer I Guàrdia (high school located around 7 minutes far from the faculty). It is just 7 min. on foot. First we were without kids along 1 hour, to visit the school facilities and to explain the activity. Moreover we explained the participants how the EiS Spanish National structure is and how we work. Finally we will organize 6 Teams of 5 participants. Each Team was led by one of us (OC or Staff) and it was formed by ESNrs from all the nationalities. After having formed the teams and explained the activity, we moved to six different classes to start the EiS activity.

B) Once at the classes, each group entered one class of Secondary Spanish Level (the courses of kids between 13 and 15 years). We didn’t use computer, just photos and our voice and enthusiasm. The EiS activity will consist of:

• Introduction: each of the ESNrs introduced himself/herself (name, country and hobbies).

•Photo time: each of the ESNrs will showed alternatively some photos of places, food or cultural traditions of their own country (each pack contained 5 photos of each category mentioned); children had to guess which they are, and then the ESNrs will give some info about that. We prepared all the photo pack before the activity at was given to each of the group leaders.

• Thirdly, the stereotypes part: again alternatively we focused the discussion about the stereotypes of each of the SWEP countries. The kids raised their hands and they said what they think about the Portuguese, Italian, French, Maltese..., and the ESNrs reflected together with the kids about what it’s true and what it’s not. After this the non-Spanish ESNrs gave their vision about Spanish people. The main idea was to conclude together that sometimes we create stereotypes about the others that are not real, and that we have more things in common.

• End of the activity: opened a question round with the kids and we will make thousands of photos.
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The activity was fantastic and for us was an amazing experience because it was the first time that ESN Spain organized an EiS activity under the context of an international event like Valencia’s SWEP. We had the opportunity to spread out a little vision of how we work EiS in our country. All the ESNrs said that they enjoyed the activity and the high schools was very happy for our visit.
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