April was the perfect kick-off month before the SocialErasmus Week, with plenty of activities organised for the two causes we promoted this month (violence and education). As in every month, we reward the 'Activity of the Month', and this month, under the 'Education' cause, we chose the 'ESN Tartu playdate' project organised by ESN Tartu.

Here it is how they described their activity and motivated their Erasmus+ participants to attend the event:

'Remember how happy and excited you were in childhood, when you met a new person, who taught you something new and interesting? 
Playdate is wonderful event where we spend time with kids at Käopesa family home. We will play games, share some of our talents and stories. We will bring joy and smile in children life and make their day unforgettable.
If you have any talents, drawing skills, know some cool science experiments, know a game that you've been dying to play, or just want to spend some nice time, then this event is for you! ;)
HOW MUCH: Open heart and atleast three smiles. :)'

Keep up the great work ESN Tartu!