March was a month full of SocialErasmus activities through which volunteers showed their input in the society. As in every month, we reward the 'Activity of the Month', and this month, under the 'Discrimination' cause, we chose the 'Stand up for Equality - Weeks of Education Against Racism and All Forms of Discrimination' project organised by Autour du Monde - ESN Nantes.

Get inspired by what they created: 

'Weeks of Education Against Racism and All Forms of Discrimination occur every year, during March in Nantes. They are coordinated by the League of the Education 44, in partnership with a group of associations (like the MRAP , LDH, LICRA , Tamadi Cimade) which participate and offer activities (exhibitions , film debate , educational workshops , access to rights hotlines , conferences ...) .
These events take place around March 21st, International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination. 
ESN Nantes - Autour du Monde decided to join the collective and organized under this event, an international evening of fight against racism and all forms of discrimination, Stand up for equality .
Different activities were created by the esners : 

  • Discussion about discrimination : reading of articles of newspaper on real cases and every student can express his opinion, concerns, solutions.
  • Theater : improvisation of a situation describing a discrimination, a prejudice and discussion with the group.
  • Interviews : 2 girls have put a board of expression in the street so everyone could write what he wanted. Then they asked passersby.
  • Infoboard : on this board, international students could find all necessary information on the organizations fighting against different types of discrimination in Nantes.
  • Fishing prejudice : principle of fishing game where people fished a piece of paper with a situation of discrimination, after that they had to stick it, on a board.
  • Wheels of discrimination : 2 teams of 4 people compete to answer 6 different themes concerning discrimination (employement, education, mystery, public services, housing and good services) during 20 minutes.
  • Cliché photobooth : international students could pose with a board where they could write a sentence. Thus, they can denounce a discrimination.

Well done ESN Nantes!