If you are wondering how a Hero might look like, just have a look at the story of Irina Mădălina Maxut, a Romanian Erasmus+ exchange student in Poznań, nominated by Paulina Kardas, SocialErasmus Coordinator from ESN UAM Poznań (Poland), who says that when people think about SocialErasmus volunteers in her city, they always think about Irina'I even can't imagine SocialErasmus activity without her!'.

Tell us about a specific moment in a SocialErasmus event when this volunteer excelled:
It's difficult to describe one moment, because Irina is with us on nearly each SocialErasmus activity. Always I have a feeling that it's kind of her passion, you can see in her eyes how much involved in all of that is she. 

I can say, that she is amazing during Erasmus in Schools activities. She has incredible contact with pupils, it doesn't matter how old they are. She did presentations, showing students diversities of Romania and breaking stereotypes, discussing and answering on each questions. When we go to the Primary School, children already recognize her and always show their happiness to see her again, she force them to use english and really partecipate in our lessons. Each visit, each activity she is ready to help and goes there each time with big, big smile. I know, that I can always count on her !

There is no excuse, each ESN UAM Poznań SocialErasmus - there is Irina with her positive energy !

Why do you think this volunteer’s story would inspire others?
That even, if she is student, not ESNer she is coming with some ideas to prepare next activities and she is always ready to do more and more!

Irina volunteered at around 20 SocialErasmus activities during her Erasmus+ in Poznań and she is our SocialErasmus Hero of March.

THANK YOU IRINA for making a difference and Leaving Your Mark with SocialErasmus!


If you also know a SocialErasmus volunteer who deserves fully recognition for his/her actions, don't hesitate to make your nomination until the 26th of April, at 23:59 CET.