The SocialErasmus Coordinators Meeting is an annual event, organised this year by ESN Coimbra, Portugal. 


To prepare for the year ahead, 43 Coordinators, both National and Local, from across the network came together between the 5th and 9th of October to share their knowledge, their ideas, and their inspiration with one another, to help make the next year of SocialErasmus one of the best yet.


With presentations and workshops delivered by the International Team, and select Coordinators from various countries, participants improved their skills and understanding of every aspect of the project, how to motivate their Erasmus students to leave their marks through volunteering, to how to organise and facilitate amazing events and activities under the 8 'causes' of SocialErasmus

Before the meeting began, a group Coordinators went to visit a social home for girls in the centre of Coimbra, where they spent time getting to know the children, sharing stories and playing games with them, before enjoying some amazing food the children had prepared for them. By all accounts, the visit was a fantastic way to introduce some of the newer Coordinators to the work carried out by the project, and to give an insight into a well planned activity to help and support the local community.

The following day, participants learned more about the work of the International Team, their roles as National Coodinators (NSECs), and the impact that SocialErasmus can have for wider society.

Over the next days, participants worked together to share ideas of best practice with their colleagues and friends, improve the visual identity of SocialErasmus in each country, learn about the relationship enjoyed by SocialErasmus with the other projects of ESN AISBL, and to prepare for the biggest week in the project calendar, SocialErasmusWeek, coming next month.

The event wrapped up with a fantastic Eurodinner, opened by a famous local Fado music group, who played a fantastic rendition of famous Fado songs to give an authentic Portuguese feel to the evening, much to the delight and wonder of the participants. So much so that 2 shouts of 'encore' went up from the listeners.

The final day saw a group heading out to help rebuild and renovate an afterschool activity home for young people from all across Coimbra, repairing and repainting the walls and floors, and helping to make the house and its grounds a nicer place for all its visitors, and to leave behind a positive legacy from the event in the city that hosted all so well.


An enormous thank you must go out to the extremely dedicated men and women of ESN Coimbra, who organised and coordinated the entire event, and were never seen without a smile on their faces. Obrigado ESN Coimbra, your hard work and efforts paid off in every way, and by all accounts, you held a truly amazing event. As such, it gives great pleasure to the International Team to declare ESN Coimbra the SocialErasmusSTAR of the month for October! A well deserved accolade indeed.



The next SocialErasmus Coordinators Meeting will take place next year, and the International Team would love to see the event hosted in your country!

Send an email to [email protected] to express interest.