The Erasmus in Schools Camp 2017 aimed at taking a step further in the implementation of the Erasmus in Schools activites with international atmosphere gathered sixty kids where half of them were children in risk of social exclusion covered by a scholarship by Erasmus Student Alumni Association (ESAA). During the three day camp they had the opportunity to learn and practice English, get to know different cultures throughout international activities and games such as cooking, languages lessons, Erasmus in Schools activities, day trips and so much more. The Organisation Committee was composed by seven members from different sections in Erasmus Student Network Spain, and they were supported by eight Exchange students coming from different Spanish cities and a member of ESN Portugal as staff. 

The activities in the EiS Camp were aimed to raise awareness among the kids. That is why they planned different thematic games and songs. One of them was the SocialErasmus geocaching, a big gymkhana in which the kids had to find clues to solve questions about the 8 causes of the project. In the end the Erasmus did powerpoint presentations of their countries to teach the kids about their culture.


Fabiola Diender from Netherlands (Erasmus in Seville): The EiS Camp in Calpe was a unique and enriching experience. I enjoyed a lot spending time with the Spanish kids and being able to learn more about their culture and seing the differences in their way of being comparing to Dutch children. Also, it was interesting to observe how these children conceived my culture, thing that made me see my own culture from a different perspective. I would definitely repeat!

Farooq Ahmad Ghumman from Pakistan (Erasmus in Badajoz): The EiS camp was once in a life time opportunity. I took home a lot of energy and passion taken from the kids. I think we as adults can learn many things from them i.e. they finish their disputes and within couple of minutes, they are friends again. It was one of the best experiences of my life. You all would always have a special place in my heart forever, ESN people.