SocialErasmus means leaving your mark, at home or abroad. And you can't get much more abroad than another continent, can you?

A recent event organised by ESN Rijeka, Croatia, saw them leave their marks well beyond their own borders, or even the borders of Europe, but all the way across the ocean in Cuba. 

The event, Cups for Cuba, brought together over 30 participants and ESNers to decorate ceramic mugs and cups to give to local children living on the street in Cuba, with no means to drink the water they need. Local ESNer Ivana Zugan  came up with the idea for the event before a scheduled trip to Cuba (where she still is at the time of writing), and the local section members bought stocks of mugs, and water resistant paints of any colour imagineable to decorate and brighten up the mugs for the children.


The event was a resounding success, with over 30 participants showing their support and decorating over 25 mugs which Ivana has since taken to Cuba, and given to the children.

For the dedicated and passionate participants, the event showed them the added value of volunteering as part of a mobility experience, and gave them a perfect opportunity to make a positive change in the lives of others. 

'for me it was really fun and creative way to make someones day a little more colorful and to share a tiny bit of happiness because I think that it's the little things that matter the most' - Magdalena Dygus


'it was also fun way to spend my spare time, especially in such creative way. And if we could be the reason of some ones smile and influence their lifes in a positive way? That's even better'  - Martyna Wojciechowicz


The cups, and the ESNer who delivered them, were well received in Cuba, and spread the love, and happiness felt by the Erasmus students in Rijeka to a whole new continent.

'Having a positive impact in someone's life is the best feeling! I'm happy that we were able to cheer up children from Cuba by this little gesture. I would love to participate once again in that kind of event' - Kinga Masnica

'I gave someone a little piece of my heart, I hope there will be more events like this!' - Magdalena Przybla

Sometimes even the most simple of gestures, volunteering of time and care, the decorating of ceramic cups, can make the best and brightest difference to those who we may never even meet. The ESNers and Erasmus students of ESN Rijeka have shown that in the best of ways, and as you can see, they'd love to do it again!

Thank you for leaving your marks with SocialErasmus!


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