The International SocialErasmus Team is pleased to announce that a SocialErasmus conference and training will be held in Brussels, Belgium from 24 to 25 June 2016, under the theme "The Social Dimension of Erasmus+: Integration through Volunteering".

Underlying the theme is the belief that the Erasmus+ experience has the possibility to foster active citizenship, hereby shaping a better future through the generation of young people who have lived the great adventure of mobility.

The Erasmus Student Network (ESN) has been working hard to fulfill this vision by developing SocialErasmus, a project that aims to enrich the international experience of young people abroad with volunteering activities that allow them to get to know other realities and learn how they can contribute to improve society as citizens of the world.

Taking this project as a reference, this event will provide a space where it will be possible to learn, exchange ideas and come up with concrete conclusions on what organisations involved with Erasmus+ programme can do to involve young citizens during their mobility experience through volunteering activities that take social action, fostering change in the society.

The conference will be held on Friday, 24 June, from 9:30 to 14:00 in one of the European Commission buildings, and will be open to ESN volunteers upon registration and guests. The training that will be carried out on Friday afternoon and Saturday all day, it is reserved for SocialErasmus Coordinators or their representatives.

This event aims to highlight the importance of the Erasmus+ programme not only for its participants but also to the local communities and societies. Through this event, youth organisations involved with Erasmus+ will have the chance to discuss the added value of volunteering to this programme.

Local communities, and the society in general, will be then able to see that Erasmus+ also have a citizenship character and it is very important to shape a better future to everyone.

Registrations for ESN volunteers (Conference, 24 June, 9am to 2pm, lunch included) are open until the 12th of June, 23h59 CET and the spots are very limited.