Congratulations to the first SocialErasmusHero of 2017 - Mr. João Pelicano Paulos!

A Portuguese Erasmus+ student enjoying his mobility with ESN Valencia UPV, João has volunteered 9 SocialErasmus activities, and shown true SocialErasmus spirit in every way he can, giving 110% to each and every activity he attends. He was nominated by Andrea Gabaldon for his passion, his reliability, and his neverending enthusiasm for the project. He brings smiles to the faces of ESNers and locals alike, and is always ready to leave his mark, come rain or shine

We asked Andrea why she nominated João, here's what she said:

I met Joao in a SocialErasmus activity with elderly people. We were helping an association (Amics de la Gent Major) to organise a lunch and we spent a lovely afternoon talking with seniors and listening to their stories. Since then, he has participated in every activity: 4 Erasmus in Schools, another lunch with elderly people, an activity with children with Down syndrome, a solidarity morning playing football with groups at risk of social exclusion and a beach cleaning activity. 
But to be honest, the best activity he has participated in is one that lasted 13 hours under the sun: Heart’s Day. We were helping PayaSOSpital association to make a huge event for 1000 children so as to fundraise money so they can keep helping
hospitalised children. He enjoyed that activity and after that, he was really thankful, like he said “Incredible how a genuine smile of a child can make the pain on your legs and feet stop. To be a volunteer is much more than wearing a T-shirt, it becomes part of your skin”

Sometimes organising SocialErasmus activities is a lot of work, but for every SocialErasmus coordinator it is worth seeing how much he enjoys them and how thankful he is after that. He is leaving his mark in Valencia and in our hearts!
THANK YOU JOAO for leaving your mark with SocialErasmus,
and congratulations for your award as the first Hero of 2017!


If you also know a SocialErasmus volunteer who deserves fully recognition for his/her actions, don't hesitate to make your nomination.