Congratulations to our SocialErasmusHero of May 2017 - Ms. Pauline Pourré!

Pauline is a French Erasmus+ student using her exchange in Spain with ESN Castellon as a chance to leave her mark with the local community, and do good in her host society. She was nominated for recognition as SocialErasmus Hero of May 2017 by Gema Porcar Igual, Local SocialErasmus Coordinator of ESN Castellon, for her delightful attitude and passion for the project.

We asked Gema what makes Pauline so deserving of the title of Hero, and we can only agree that she earned this accolade:

There is no specific moment when she doesn't shine, every moment is special with Pauline. For her joining a SocialErasmus activity is important and she tries that everyone can have fun and enjoy together. She always prepares her activities with a lot of care and dedication. 

Pauline has a special sensibility with people, no matter if they are kids, middle age or elder ones. She
spreads her joy to everyone!

One of the most important things in life is with which attitude you face it. Her attitude makes people feel involved and happy.
She makes it a pleasure being a SocialErasmus local coordinator and having Erasmus students so passionate and keen on this project, which motivates me to continue organising activities.
Well, merci beaucoup Pauline for leaving your mark with SocialErasmus!


If you also know a SocialErasmus volunteer who deserves fully recognition for his/her actions, don't hesitate to make your nomination.