It is a pleasure to introduce you to Fabiola Diender, an Erasmus+ student from The Netherlands who now lives in Spain. She was nominated by Elena Rodriguez Remesal, a SocialErasmus Coordinator from ESN Sevilla, Spain, who thinks Fabiola's enthusiasm and motivation are infectious, and shares her experiences to encourage others to leave their marks with SocialErasmus.

We visited a school in a marginal zone of Seville to make a soap workshop with students' parents. On this place, most of people are gypsies or poor and Fabiola helped them and said they were brave and encouraged them to get all they want in their life. When activity had finished, Fabiola was so greatfull with all SocialErasmus program and our section. She said it permited her to know more about Spanish culture and she had changed her opinion about 3000 viviendas, which is a dangerous slum in Seville. 

Her enthusiasm and motivation to participate in activities of Erasmus Social Program is a way of emotional contagion for the rest of the students. She always attends to all and she tell everyone what she has learned giving to know even more the program.

Fabiola has volunteered at around 4 SocialErasmus activities during her Erasmus+ mobility in Seville so far, and we are proud to declare her SocialErasmus Hero of November 2016.

THANK YOU FABIOLA for leaving your mark with SocialErasmus!


If you also know a SocialErasmus volunteer who deserves fully recognition for his/her actions, don't hesitate to make your nomination.