How to take part

If you are here, thank you!

It is wonderful to know that you care about society development.

To take part in SocialErasmus activities, you just need to contact the ESN section working on your host city/university. Ask them how you can contribute and be also a motivation to the other exchange students by helping ESN volunteers in spreading the word.

Reasons to join SocialErasmus

  • Do you want to join a global movement of young people concerned with the society?
  • Do you want to experience diversity?
  • Do you want to give back to the country that welcomed your exchange and to be unforgettable to your new friends?

Make a difference, do something more with your mobility period, leave your mark and join SocialErasmus activities!

SocialErasmus Hero

Do you know a volunteer who deserves extra recognition after spending his/her time abroad volunteering for SocialErasmus? 
Nominate her or him for the title of SocialErasmus Hero!

Not all heroes wear capes. Nominate your SocialErasmus hero!